Tuesday, February 3, 2015


                                                BERGENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                      MEDIA RELEASE- INCIDENT


OCCURRED: February 3, 2015   4:30 pm

LOCATION: Borough of Bergenfield

The snow emergency issued on February 1, 2015 has been cancelled. As reported by Police Operations and after consultation with the Department of Public Works, the area roadways are sufficiently cleared for traffic flow and there no major incidents to report.

Residents and snow removal contractors are reminded to refrain from throwing snow onto the roadways as it causes a traffic hazard on roadways previously cleared and is a violation of Borough Ordinance -Chapter 273.

[Adopted 12-16-1975 by Ord. No. 1046 as Sec. 3-6 of the Revised General Ordinances]
The owner or tenant of lands abutting or bordering on paved sidewalks of the streets, avenues, highways and public places shall remove all snow and ice from the same within 24 hours after the snow and ice shall have ceased to fall or form.
In the event of the refusal or neglect of an owner or occupant of land to comply with the provisions of this article, the Street Commissioner or other official having charge of the streets may cause the snow or ice to be removed from the sidewalks or walkways. The cost of removal, as ascertained by the Council, shall be certified to the Tax Assessor and shall be added to and form a part of the taxes next to be levied and assessed upon the land and shall be a lien upon the land until paid.
[Added 11-4-1987 by Ord. No. 2033]
No person, firm or corporation shall cast or throw snow or ice onto a public street or thoroughfare.
For violation of any provision of this article, the penalties set forth in Chapter 1, Article II, General Penalty, shall apply.

Chief M. Carr
1630 hours

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