Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanks on Thanksgiving from local 4th Grade Students

Each November 11, we take time to remember and thank all of our military veterans for their sacrifice and service. This past Veteran's Day, a ceremony to honor was not only conducted at our Borough Hall but was also held at the Bergenfield High School. This year marked the 6th time the high school has hosted the event honoring our veterans. The Bergenfield Police Department recognizes the students, educators and staff of the school for showing such honor to our military veterans who deserve much recognition and respect.

On that day, the police department was called to assist and escort the 4th Grade students of Franklin School to the high school so they can participate in the Veteran's Day ceremony. To help them safely arrive and then later return, Officer David Tortora, a US Marine Corps veteran, and Officer Peter Morano, made certain the students arrived at and returned from the ceremony. The students were very thankful for the officers in providing the escort. They showed their appreciation by making cards of thanks and sending them to the police department. So, to show our appreciation to our Franklin School 4th graders for honoring our veterans and for being so kind as to show their appreciation for the assistance of the officers that day, I honor them by displaying their wonderful thank cards of great artwork and special words of gratitude. Great job Franklin School 4th Grade!