Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Emergency Update

January 27, 2016

The snow emergency declared on January 23, 2016 will be lifted as of 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.  Overnight parking within the Borough will still be prohibited.  Please be courteous and try to park on one side of the street only to allow for free passage of emergency and non-emergency vehicles.

Reminder to remove ice and snow from vehicles before traveling and do not shovel snow into the roadways.

Chief Cathy Madalone

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Emergency-Drop Off/Pick Up from Schools

All are reminded that the snow emergency is still in effect.  Vehicles who are dropping off and/or picking up children from the Borough schools can do so in a courteous manner by parking on one side of the street, remaining with their vehicles until the child comes out from school or until the parent is needed to walk to the school to pick up their child.  Parents are to retrieve their children and return immediately to their vehicles and remove them from the roadway.   Please be mindful of other parents trying to pick up their children.

The DPW is working diligently to make the roadways as safe and passable as possible, with vehicles off the roadways, it allows them to do their jobs quicker and safer.

Our goal is to get the roadways and sidewalks clear as quick as possible for all to travel freely.   Please ensure that you have shoveled your sidewalks.  We thank everyone for their cooperation.

 Chief Cathy Madalone

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow emergency declared for Bergenfield

The Bergenfield Police Department has declared a snow emergency for Friday, January 22, 2016 at 11:05 pm, which will be in effect until further notice due to the Winter Storm Warning and road conditions.  Twelve (12) to sixteen (16) inches of snow is expected to accumulate. 

All are urged to remain indoors.  If travel is necessary please use extreme caution.  No parking will be permitted on the streets to allow for plowing of the roadways.

Borough Ordinance       299-12. Snow emergency.
A. A snow emergency shall exist whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway. In addition to this, when weather conditions cause a state or condition of the street that is hazardous or dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic even if the entire street or highway is not covered by snow shall constitute a snow emergency when declared by the Chief of Police or, in her absence, the ranking police officer in charge.

B. Definitions. As used in this section, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
SNOW: Any precipitation depositing any accumulation and shall be deemed to include snow, sleet, hail, ice, freezing rain or any combination thereof.

SNOW TIRES: Tires with or without studs and having treads designed for use in snow which tread shall be of sufficient depth to accomplish the purpose for which the tire was designed.

C. Snow emergency declared. Upon the occurrence of a snow emergency as hereinabove defined, the Chief of Police or, in her absence, the ranking police officer shall have the authority to declare such emergency. Within one hour after such declaration, no person shall cause, permit, allow or suffer any vehicle owned or driven by him to become stalled or immobile on any portion of any street in the Borough of Bergenfield because of the failure of the vehicle to be equipped with snow tires or chains. The Chief of Police or the ranking police officer shall immediately inform the public of said snow emergency by issuing a press release to the local and metropolitan radio, television and news services.

D. Snow emergency routes. All streets of the Borough of Bergenfield are snow emergency routes upon which no parking shall be allowed during a snow emergency, and such parking prohibition shall remain in effect until after the snow has ceased or until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic or until otherwise terminated by the Chief of Police or, in her absence, the ranking police officer, in the same manner as declared in above.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Meet Our Officers" introducing PO Christopher Brugger

Christopher Brugger was born in Hackensack, NJ. He attended Hasbrouck Heights High School and has always had an interest in a law enforcement career. He later made the choice to serve his country in the military by enlisting with United States Navy. During his enlistment, Christopher served as a Master at Arms which is a Naval Police Officer. He received law enforcement training as a military police officer and was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during "Operation Enduring Freedom" and also attended the Navy’s SWAT school in Groton, CT. Christopher was hired and trained as a Class I Special Police Officer working with the Ridgefield Police Department. He has also worked in the Security Industry in the private sector.

Christopher attended Berkeley College and has received extensive schooling from his military career which included non-lethal weapons, arrests, searches, anti-terrorism, hostage negotiations, DWI enforcement, first aid and communications. All this military training has prepared him to take on a career and serve as a law enforcement officer with the Bergenfield Police Department.

Christopher is in his first year with the Bergenfield Police Department and is looking to serve the community of Bergenfield using his leadership experience from serving with the US Navy as a Military Police Officer, as well as his knowledge and experiences from working in the security industry. He feels he is prepared for this step in his professional life because of meeting many challenges during his life time. Experiences which he says are "tests which are put before us to see how strong we can be." 

Friday, January 1, 2016

"Meet Our Officers" introducing Det. Kevin Doheny

Kevin was born and raised in Bergenfield NJ.  He attended Lincoln School, Roy W. Brown Middle School and graduated from Bergenfield High School in 1983. 

Kevin joined the US Air Force in 1986 and was stationed at TAC HQ’s/Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, VA.  He was assigned to the 74th Tactical Air Control Squadron working in a mobile radar unit.  He was then assigned to 1st Air Force.  Kevin was honorably discharged in 1994 after 4 years Active Duty and 4 years In-Active Reserves.   

In 1992, Kevin was sworn in as a Police Officer for the Bergenfield Police Department.  He had the pleasure of working alongside his father, Sgt. Dennis Doheny, who retired in 1994, and his mother, Dos Doheny, who worked with the Traffic Division for many years as Supervisor of the Boro Crossing Guards.  Kevin has been a Police Officer for the Boro of Bergenfield for the past 24 years.  He worked in the Patrol Division for 7 years where he was a Field Training Officer (FTO) for Officers who graduated from the Police Academy.  He has been a Detective for the past 17 years.  He is assigned in the Juvenile Bureau and works closely with all matters concerning juveniles as well as all general investigations.     

Kevin is a Certified Firearms Instructor for the Department and has been instructing/qualifying officers for the past 18 years.  He is the liaison to the Bergen County Prosecutors Office/Juvenile Intake Unit as well as the liaison to the BCPO Megan’s Law Unit.  In 2009, Kevin began attending numerous courses to become a composite artist.  He became a certified composite artist in 2012.  Kevin is a past Vice-President and Treasurer of the Bergenfield PBA Local 309 as well as a past Honor Guard Member for the Department. 

While with the Bergenfield Police Department, Kevin has been awarded numerous lifesaving awards and unit citations.

Kevin and his wife Lynda have been married for 25 years.  They have three children Brittany, Kaitlynn and Kevin.

When not at work, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, reading, drawing and playing one of his many guitars.  He is interested in historical issues, specifically the Civil War and has been asked to speak to students at Franklin School about the history and battle of Gettysburg.  Kevin has also been a guest speaker at St. Peters University for the past several years, instructing students on Juvenile Justice Issues, Juvenile Laws and Crime Scene Preservation.