Friday, December 18, 2015

Bergenfield PD welcomes its newest members

Bergenfield PD Capt. Rabboh and Det. Lt. Doherty welcome PO Tauber and PO Brugger to the family. Congratulations to both officers for completing the Bergen County Academy class 115. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Meet Our Officers" introducing PO Rick Tauber

Rick Tauber is a new Officer with the Bergenfield Police Department, having just graduated from the Bergen County Police Academy Class 115. Prior to that, Rick spent two years as a Public Safety Telecommunicator for the Bergen County Police Department and worked as a NJSORA-certified Security Officer.

Rick is a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran and was a team leader while deployed to Iraq for a year during his service. He hails from Lyndhurst, in southern Bergen County, and is an active member of his local American Legion Post 139, where he serves as the Sergeant-at-Arms and enjoys participating in youth-outreach programs at area schools. He also spent several years volunteering as an Auxiliary Police Officer in his hometown.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys spending time with his wife, Caitlin, and their rescued Bluetick Coonhound, Cora. He is a lifelong sports fan and currently plays in an adult intramural roller hockey league. When the weather is right, you can catch Rick on the golf course or at the lake fishing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PSE&G Warns Customers About Increase in Scams

(Newark, N.J. – Dec. 14, 2015) Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, is urging its customers to be alert to scams this season. Customers should be cautious of callers who demand immediate payment via a pre-paid card, and wary of phony utility workers showing up at their door to “check a problem.”

“We’ve seen a significant uptick in the number of scams being reported to us by customers,” said Greg Dunlap, vice president of Customer Operations for PSE&G. “The only way to protect against these scams is for customers to be cautious when contacted by someone seeking access to their home or demanding immediate payment. Even one customer being cheated is one too many.”

Phone scammers use scare tactics -- threatening service termination if they do not receive immediate payment with a pre-paid credit card. PSE&G offers a number of payment options, and would never require a customer to use one specific type of payment.

Door-to-door scammers use trickery -- showing up at someone’s house dressed like a utility worker and say they need to “check a problem.” Often, after they gain access they burglarize the home. Always ask for I.D.

When in doubt or if suspicious in any way, PSE&G urges customers to call the number listed on their bill: 1-800-436-PSEG (7734) and report scamming activity to their local police department.

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) is New Jersey’s oldest and largest regulated gas and electric delivery utility, serving nearly three-quarters of the state’s population.  PSE&G is the winner of the ReliabilityOne Award for superior electric system reliability.  PSE&G is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG) (NYSE:PEG), a diversified energy company.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Utility Scam Reported in Bergen County-Be Alert!

Be Alert of individuals posing as Utility Workers/Solicitors
(Information received from the Hasbrouck Heights PD)

Utility Workers Burglary Scam

With the Holiday Season upon us, several scams are surfacing around the area.  Individuals posing as Utility Workers (Water Company, Gas Company, etc.) are approaching residences throughout Bergen County requesting access to the house to check a problem. 

This should be a RED FLAG to any homeowner. 

Upon completion of "Checking the problem", the homeowner discovers items missing from the residence.  If this occurs, ask to see ID and contact the Police or the Utility Company to confirm a problem in the area. 

In addition, be aware of a "team" of the so-called Utility Workers.  They split-up with one asking you numerous questions to keep you occupied, while the others attempt to gain access from another entry point.  If something seems suspicious, contact the Police. 

Know these 3 things:

1.  Utility workers won’t come to your home to request access without scheduling an appointment ahead of time. 
2.  Utility workers won’t threaten you with fines or incarceration if you decline their work.  These types of burglars normally target the elderly because they’re easier to intimidate. 
3.  Tell your senior loved ones that if random utility workers come to your home and make threats, call the police for help. 

Typically, the burglars will imitate a power company (electrical or water) city worker by wearing:  hard hats, work gloves, colored vests, and a city logo or badge.  When they come to your door, they say they need to get into your property for utility-related reasons.  Once on your doorstep, they will tell you there’s a utility emergency they need to inspect. 

Fake utility workers usually work in groups.  One will keep your attention while the other grabs your jewelry and money.  While one burglar distracts the homeowner, another burglar sneaks in and takes what they can.

Please be alert if you are unsure call the Police Department for assistance at 201-387-4000.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hiring Notification-Seeking a Lateral Transfer

The Bergenfield Police Department is seeking to hire a Lateral Transfer from the Inter-Governmental Lateral Transfer Program.  The agency is a civil service department, so laterals must come from a civil service agency for the position of police officer.  (See Civil Service site for job description)

Entry salary is dependent upon time of service in the pension system. 

The agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer, seeking officers with four years or less in the pension system.  

Candidates must obtain permission from current Chief/Sheriff/Director to leave prior to a background check.  

Deadline to send resumes is Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 1500 hours.  Resumes are to be delivered to Chief Cathy Madalone in person or via email at

For any questions or concerns about the hiring process please contact Captain Christopher Massey at 201-387-4000 x 4003,

Candidates whose resumes are selected will be contacted to begin the background process which includes completing an application, oral interview, drug testing, psychological testing and medical testing.