Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow anticipation for 12/9/17

A possible snow event is anticipated for Saturday, December 9 which may result in 3-5” of accumulation. Please be aware for your personal safety and to avoid receiving summonses, we ask that you make sure your vehicle(s) are not parked on the street. If you have family or friends visiting for the weekend, please ask them not to park on the street as well.

Therefore, if you will be away or unable to move your vehicle, make arrangements for someone to move your vehicle(s) off the street until all snowfall has ended, the roadways are clear, and parking permission on the street is resumed.   

Monday, December 4, 2017

Recovery of stolen vehicle involved in a pursuit

On 12-4-17, the Bergenfield Police Department assisted the Dumont Police Department attempting to locate a vehicle, described as a 2016 Honda SUV, which was stolen from the corner of Sunnyside Avenue and Washington Avenue in Dumont. The stolen vehicle was involved in a pursuit with several jurisdictions and was last seen traveling back towards Bergenfield. Officer Gregory Slater was in the area of Liberty Road and Howard Drive, when he heard screeching tires and smelled burning rubber. A search of the area was conducted and Officer Slater located the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of 66 Howard Drive. The vehicle was located unoccupied at that time.

A search ensued for the driver of the stolen vehicle, Teaneck Police and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department responded to assist. Officer Jose Portorreal responded to Walgreens, located at 406 S. Washington Avenue, and inquired, if any suspicious individuals recently entered the store. Officer Portorreal was advised that an unknown, suspicious male entered the store and asked to use the restroom. Officer Portorreal also was advised that the male was in fact still in the restroom.

Officer Portorreal and other officers approached the restroom and prior to making contact with the male, the officers heard what appeared to be excessive flushing of the toilet and what sounded like the cover to the toilet bowl tank being moved. The male, identified as Edward Arnold, a 29 year old male from Bergenfield, exited the restroom and was met by the officers. After further investigation, two gold rings, valued at approximately $1200.00, which were confirmed to have belonged to the victim and had been located in the stolen vehicle, were located hidden in the toilet bowl in the Walgreens restroom. Mr. Arnold was placed under arrest and charged with Theft on a complaint warrant. There was also an outstanding $433.00 warrant for Mr. Arnold from the Fair Lawn Police Department.

Mr. Arnold was lodged in the Bergen County Jail pending a detention hearing. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.