Friday, March 25, 2016

Supervisors in Sectors Email Updates

BPD is introducing a new community policing initiative which will allow residents in each sector to have direct contact with two supervisors from the Patrol Division. Residents can reach out to their assigned supervisors via e-mail to report / discuss concerns, comments, issues, or complaints within their neighborhood. If you’re uncertain which sector you live in, please contact the main desk at 201-387-4000 to inquire.

The sector assignments are listed below:

NW Sector supervisors:

Lt. Maggi
Lt. Hegel

NE Sector supervisors:

Sgt. Miller

SW Sector supervisors:

Sgt. Brizek

SE Sector supervisors:

Sgt. Boria

The Bergenfield Police Department is committed and dedicated to increase and improve the already well established community policing efforts. Building that trust between the community and the police is paramount. We urge all residents to participate.

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