Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Train Derailment Drill

The Bergenfield Police Department will be participating in a train derailment drill being conducted by the Bergenfield Fire Department.  The drill will be held on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at 10am in the area of West Central Ave and West Church St.  This is just an exercise, it is NOT an emergency.  Be prepared to see emergency workers in the area.  Please do not contact the police desk in regards to this drill to allow for actual emergencies to be handled.

This drill is intended to test the ability of the Interboro Mutual Aid group to deploy its resources to an evolving incident and to fill a rapidly growing command structure with mutual aid resources eventually creating a Unified Command at a Type 2 incident.  This exercise is not intended to demonstrate water delivery or fire fighting capability and is essentially a 'dry run' for a future full resource deployment.  Recognizing the short comings of tabletop exercises this exercise will test the ability of the groups' leadership to effectively institute an organizational structure ahead of the utilization of resources.  Presumably all responding agencies would know how to deploy their equipment and personnel into a firefighting task such as water supply, foam support, or mass evacuation.  This exercise will test whether or not an effective command structure can be developed and positioned to supervise and guide those resources.  Expected difficulties will include radio communications / frequency coordination, unfamiliarity with the ICS for expanding incidents using a geographic command, and inability of task officers to remain focused on assignments.

Follow this link for more information on the drill

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