Thursday, May 8, 2014

BPD Attends Vietnam Veterans Huey Dedication

Chief Carr, Lt. Figel, PO Edone
 On Wednesday, May 7, officers from the Bergenfield Police Department attended the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial/Museum & Educational Center's Remembrance Day Ceremony and Huey Helicopter Dedication in Holmdel. Chief Michael Carr, Lt. Frank Figel and Officer Edward Edone traveled south on the parkway to show a law enforcement support for all veterans, in particular on this day, for the Vietnam Veterans of New Jersey.

The dedication ceremony was very emotional as stories were told of courage, fortitude, endurance and heroism. The Huey Helicopter dedication was a fitting tribute to a wartime machine which gave hope to many soldiers on the battlefields of Vietnam. The familiar sound of the copter's blades as it approached provided comfort for those either wounded or in need of help.

During flyover at ceremony (Photo PO E. Edone)
 "The Huey Helicopter had a powerful impact on the War. It provided new improved tactics and strategies to aerial combat. The use of helicopters ensured that thousands of soldiers survived combat wounds and much needed supplies could be delivered." (from NJVVMF Remembrance Day)

The Borough of Bergenfield is home to many veterans and the police department has always supported and assisted the various veteran groups in town. Many parks and some streets are named after our local veterans. It was our honor as Bergenfield Police Officers to attend this event to show our support for our hometown veterans as well as the thousands of veterans in New Jersey. Those Vietnam Veterans who served extolled the values of duty, honor, and valor during their tours. We as law enforcement personify those same values.

Thank you to all Vietnam Veterans for your service. We remember those who served but did not return. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice in the fight to defend democracy all over the world.

Link to News12 NJ On-Air Story

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