Saturday, April 29, 2017

Active Shooter Drill

There will be another active shooter training drill at 115 Highview Ave, Lincoln School starting today at 8 am and conducted throughout the day. The Police department will be utilizing all resources as if this was an actual incident. Police, Fire, EMS and many others may be called onto the scene. Police radios will be used to reach out to other first responders while stating, “This is a drill” prior to calling out for them. Once again, this is only a drill.


BPD would also like to thank the Board of Education for giving us the opportunity to utilize the school in training for an active shooter. This drill will allow us to better prepare and streamline resources should an incident ever occur. Due to the sensitivity of the training, we ask for non-essential personnel to please refrain from responding to the area and to refrain from contacting the police desk in regards to this drill.

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