Saturday, January 21, 2017

Press Release:Desecrating Human Remains


Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal announced today the arrests of ADRIENNE SMITH (DOB: 3/22/1973, married; and employed as a surgical technician) of 85 Morgan Street, Bergenfield, New Jersey, and her brother, ORVILLE COUSINS (DOB:12/15/1976; single; and unemployed), of 2854 Bronx Park East, Bronx, New York on charges of the Desecration of the Human Remains of ADRIENNE SMITH’s husband, Randolph Smith, also of 85 Morgan Street, Bergenfield, NJ. The arrest is the result of a joint investigation conducted by members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Major Crimes Unit under the direction of Chief of Detectives Robert ANZILOTTI; the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, Major Crimes Unit under the direction of Chief of Detectives Darren ANDERSON; the Burlington City Police Department under the direction of Chief Alen SNOW; and the Bergenfield Police Department under the direction of Chief Cathy MADALONE.

On Monday, January 2, 2017, ADRIENNE SMITH contacted the Bergenfield Police Department to report her husband missing. The Bergenfield Police Department subsequently notified the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office that they were investigating a missing person and requested the assistance of the Major Crimes Unit. Detectives from both agencies subsequently interviewed family and friends in an attempt to locate Mr.Smith. During the investigation, it was determined that Mr. Smith was last seen at his Bergenfield residence on or about Christmas evening. According to his wife, her husband left the residence and was not heard from again.

On January 12, 2017, the Burlington City Police Department and Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office were notified of the discovery of human remains, found within six plastic containers in Burlington City, New Jersey. The remains were later positively identified as those of Mr. Smith. Detectives from the Bergen and Burlington County Prosecutors’ Offices then jointly investigated Mr. Smith’s disappearance and murder. During the investigation, detectives determined that on or about December 26, 2016,ORVILLE COUSINS, along with his sister, ADRIENNE SMITH, purchased materials that were used in connection with the desecration of Mr. Smith’s remains; some of those materials were subsequently recovered from the Bergenfield residence.

Burlington County detectives located and apprehended ORVILLE COUSINS in New York on January 15, 2017. On Thursday, January 20, 2017, members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Major Crimes Unit located and arrested ADRIENNE SMITH in North Brunswick, New Jersey at a relative’s home. At the time of this press release, the investigation into the murder of Randolph Smith is ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming.

As a result of the investigation, ADRIENNE SMITH and ORVILLE COUSINS were both charged with the Desecration of Human Remains, 2C:22-1A(1), a second degree crime; and SMITH was charged with Hindering Apprehension, 2C:29-3B(1), a third degree crime. COUSINS is currently incarcerated in New York pending extradition to New Jersey, and SMITH is currently housed at the Bergen County Jail and is scheduled to appear in Bergen County Central Judicial Processing Court for a first appearance tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Bergen County Prosecutor Grewal states that the above charges are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and would also like to thank the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, Burlington City Police Department, Bergenfield Police Department,

New York City Police Department, as well as the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in this investigation.

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