Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bear Sightings

There have been numerous bear sightings throughout town. A black baby bear, approximately 60 pounds was observed on the Knickerbocker Country Club which backs up to the rear yards of Marcotte Lane. The bear was also sighted in the rear yards of Highland Ave, Pleasant Ave. and Ford Court.  It is believed to be the same bear that is possibly following the brook.  The bear was last observed approximately 10 minutes ago.

The N.J. Department of Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division was contacted and notified. Experts at the Wildlife division recommend that residents tighten up their garbage and bring in their bird feeders as they believe the bear is looking for food. They do not believe the bear is a threat but encourage all residents not to approach the bear as it may become aggressive, if threatened.  They believe the bear will return to his normal habitat within time.

Neighboring Police Departments have been notified.

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