Friday, December 4, 2015

Hiring Notification-Seeking a Lateral Transfer

The Bergenfield Police Department is seeking to hire a Lateral Transfer from the Inter-Governmental Lateral Transfer Program.  The agency is a civil service department, so laterals must come from a civil service agency for the position of police officer.  (See Civil Service site for job description)

Entry salary is dependent upon time of service in the pension system. 

The agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer, seeking officers with four years or less in the pension system.  

Candidates must obtain permission from current Chief/Sheriff/Director to leave prior to a background check.  

Deadline to send resumes is Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 1500 hours.  Resumes are to be delivered to Chief Cathy Madalone in person or via email at

For any questions or concerns about the hiring process please contact Captain Christopher Massey at 201-387-4000 x 4003,

Candidates whose resumes are selected will be contacted to begin the background process which includes completing an application, oral interview, drug testing, psychological testing and medical testing. 

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