Sunday, August 3, 2014

BPD Youth Police Academy 2014

Police Chief Michael Carr speaks to the cadets on their first day.
The Bergenfield Police Department's Youth Police Academy Class #2, completed its week of training on Friday, August 1st. Thirty-two, 6th, 7th and 8th grade local boys and girls, received their certificates and awards at a ceremony held in the Bergenfield High School auditorium. The academy, which began on Monday, July 28, consisted of physical fitness training, marching drills, instruction in following commands and learning new team building skills. The academy training put the cadets in a real-life scenario of what it is like to go through law enforcement officer training. By way of presentations, demonstrations and drills, the cadets learned how important it is to train and educate themselves to be prepared to meet the challenge of providing public safety, contributing to community involvement and to problem solve. As the cadets of this age group go through their middle school education years where they begin a time of maturity as adolescents, it is important for them to learn that they can step beyond what is required and bring out even more of themselves to accomplish something. The academy helped instill self-confidence, responsibility and leadership.

Cadets on board an aircraft on the US Air Force Base.
During the week, in addition to training locally, the cadets visited the US Coast Guard station in Staten Island, New York, Maguire Air Force Base in Lakehurst and the Federal Air Marshals training facility in Essex County. Each field trip gave the cadets an exciting day to learn about how closely related law enforcement and the military roles are in society and how being prepared through training and thinking smart, will help them save a life, maybe even their own.

Cadets prepare to board an aircraft.
The academy was a success for not only the cadets, but also for the parents of the youths and our community they reside in. The support and participation of the Bergenfield Police Department, consisting of Police Officers, 911 Telecommunicators, civilian personnel and Auxiliary Police Officers, the Bergenfield Municipal Court and Judge Helene Herbert and her staff, as well as the governing body of the Borough of Bergenfield and the Bergenfield School District, led by Superintendent Dr. Michael Kuchar, all helped make the Youth Police Academy possible. In addition, if it were not for the financial support of the following persons or organizations, the academy would not be possible:

Bergenfield Municipal Alliance Committee
Bergenfield-Dumont Rotary (Bettina Fowler)
Bergenfield PBA Local 309
Federal Law Enforcement Foundation (Anthony Bergamo)

Junior Police Academy cadets line up in their squads.
As Chief of the Department, I am very proud of our cadets who graduated and look forward to the next academy. I am also grateful to the officers who gave of themselves to form a bond with the youth of our community and impacted hopefully a future generation of law enforcement officers, but mainly, responsible, engaged young citizens and leaders.

BPD Youth Police Academy #2, remember your class motto: 
Respect, Discipline and Commitment

Chief Michael T. Carr

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