Thursday, October 17, 2013

Officers participate in Special Olympics Plane Pull

Michele Waiser, PO Rob Mader, Detective William Duran and PO Kyle Witty, from left.
Police officers must be quick on their feet in order to catch a fleeing criminal. They also receive physical training to give them the strength to subdue those lawbreakers. Most citizens probably think of police as only needing those skills to fulfill their duties, but there is much more to being a law enforcement officer than just speed and strength. Police officers are also recognized for their honor, respect, dedication and the commitment they make to serve others. It is these things and more that the members of Bergenfield PBA Local 309 officers stand for.
On October 5, 2013, Detective William Duran, Officer Kyle Witty, and Officer Robert Mader took on the challenge of doing something that put those abilities of strength and quickness, coupled with honor, dedication and commitment to serving others, to the test. These three members of Bergenfield PBA Local 309 participated in the challenge of pulling a 93,000-pound plane across an airport tarmac.

Duran, Witty, and Mader joined team captain, Michele Waiser, whose daughter is autistic, in the NJ Special Olympics plane pull at Newark International Airport. The funds raised from the event benefits the Special Olympic athletes who train and compete year-round throughout the state. The event was sponsored by the Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ) and was hosted by United Airlines and The Port Authority of NY & NJ.

Thank you Michele for your inspiration in leading the Local 309 team members. We are there to support you and the SONJ.

For more information about this event, visit the Special Olympics New Jersey Plane Pull page.

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