Friday, September 20, 2013

Stay connected during emergencies with Nixle

Recent messages sent to Bergenfield residents using Nixle.
As we posted earlier this month, September is National Preparedness Month. The severe weather that has hit our area in the last several years has given new meaning to being prepared. We all know too well that being prepared to survive for several days without power and being unable to get gas and supplies in local stores is a reality. 

One of the best ways to be prepared for a storm is to take advantage of ways to stay connected to local emergency services. One of the greatest tools we have to reach residents with alerts and advisories - particularly during times of an emergency - is Nixle.

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Nixle is a communication system that connects residents with the agencies that serve and protect them.

Residents can use Nixle to receive information ranging from critical alerts to community news. Additionally, residents can choose how they receive the information - by SMS (text message) email, over the web or by mobile applications.

Before, during and after the severe storms that have hit our area in recent years, the Borough of Bergenfield Administration, Office of Emergency Management and we at the police department, sent out multiple alerts and advisory messages regarding road/traffic conditions, storm updates and other information to keep residents up-to-date. Even when power is lost, those with cellular phones can still receive text messages. Additionally, in situations unlike a hurricane or similar event, Nixle is utilized to alert residents of other events, situations or important information.

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In addition to Nixle, make sure to take advantage of the other forms of communication we use to reach out to residents during emergencies. Follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook and check this blog for updates, alerts, advisories and other police-related information.

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